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Product selling points
LW550FV loader is a mid-long wheelbase model based on XCMG's classic LW500FV. In addition to retaining all the advantages of the LW500FV, this machine has a long wheelbase, a large steering angle, optimized hydraulic system upgrades, strong shovel loading capacity, and high operating efficiency. It is suitable for scrapping and loading and unloading of materials. It is widely used in coal yards, railways, buildings, stone yards and other operating sites. It is a versatile and reliable product.
Traction 16 tons, unloading height ≥3.5m, easy to deal with dangerous conditions
Lifting capacity ≥ 7.5 tons, rising power 17 tons, heavy lifting of various materials
Extend the wheelbase to take advantage of long wheelbase and load.
The front frame uses a wing box structure with integrally cast ear seats, and the rear frame uses a variable stiffness bending plate to weld a box beam with a special section and a strong bearing capacity.
Rolling bearing + articulated bearing structure is adopted at the hinged part of the front and rear frame, which has strong bearing capacity and high operation stability.
Large steering angle design, maneuverability and flexibility
Ergonomically designed cab, integrated skeleton structure, wide view, exquisite interior, large space, sound insulation and noise reduction, comfortable operation
Diverse configuration, complete equipment, fully adapt to different areas and different working conditions
According to the working conditions of biological power plants, special models can be configured: biological power plant grass-crawling models (equipped with high-load, grass-cutter, oil filter, spark hood, single-layer radiator); biological power plants large bucket models (equipped with high-loading , 4.0 square bucket, oil filter, spark hood, single-layer radiator)
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Rated bucket capacity (m³) 3
Rated load (kg) 5000
rated power (kW) 162
Total Weight (kg) 17000
Unloading height (mm) 3100~3510
MAX Breakout Force (kN) 175



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