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Product selling points
XC770K is a heavy-duty skid steer loader launched by XCMG Group. The whole machine uses a high-power engine to increase the flow of the whole machine and meet the requirements for the use of machinery. The wheelbase of the whole machine is enlarged to ensure stability and safety under high loads. Mainly used in domestic snow removal market and municipal maintenance and other heavy-duty operating conditions.
The XC770K is equipped with Weichai Guosan engine, with a power of 74.9kW, strong power and low emissions. With a two-speed motor, the high speed can reach 22km / h, and the work efficiency is high, and it can respond to the needs of emergency conditions such as rapid snow removal.
XC770K is equipped with a double working pump with a standard flow rate of 91L / min and a large flow rate of 158L / min, which basically meets the requirements of all the equipment of the skid steer loader. At the same time, it is equipped with a quick-change device, which can quickly and easily change the angle cleaner, snow pusher, snow thrower, closed sweeper, planer, manhole cover organizer, breaker, auger, continuous trenching Dozens of attachments, such as aircraft, realize "one machine with multiple functions".
XC770K introduces the concept of "functional partition", integrating key switches, alarm indicators, and main instruments on the right pillar of the cab; the rocker switch of the whole machine is integrated on the left pillar of the cab, which reserves large flow and equipment switch ; Integrate speakers and implement control switches with higher frequency in the left and right handles. Fully consider the user's operating comfort.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Excavating end working device - 0.6
rated power (kW) 74.9
Total Weight (kg) 1250
Bucket capacity (m³) 3700
Bucket capacity (m³) 2450

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