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Product selling points
The machine is miniaturized and has a 1.8m ultra-small overall width to meet the construction work in urban communities and roadways. It is installed with a width-limiting device and a small paving width of 0.8m, which is suitable for paving and maintenance of milling "grooves".
It adopts full hydraulic independent drive and crawler-type walking device, with large contact area and strong attachment force.
Equipped with Deutz water-cooled turbocharged diesel engine (75kW / 2000rpm), sufficient power reserve, good diesel atomization, good economy, low noise, long life and wide application range.
Three powerful alternator and generator management systems control the power output of the corresponding paving width, and it only takes a short time to heat the screed to the working temperature;
The generator adopts independent driving technology, which can be turned on according to work needs, which improves the utilization rate of the generator, increases the reliability of the components, and saves energy.
The hydraulic system uses load-sensitive control technology to make the power output efficient and energy-saving. The driving components are imported from Germany Rexroth to ensure system reliability.
The 12t hopper is designed to be large enough to always store enough material. The receiving interface can adapt to different tonnage carts.
The miniaturized design of the feeding and distributing system, the innovative use of a single feeding trough structure, the new compactness of the left and right independent drive of the distribution box, the unique "integrated" blade shaft, greatly improving the convenience of small paver.
The design of the electronic control system is based on the CAN bus technology. It develops a network control system with multi-CPU control technology and has a good human-machine interface.
The automatic leveling device can accurately control the paving thickness and slope, so that the longitudinal flatness reaches 3mm / 3m and the lateral slope is within 0.02%, which meets the requirements of high-grade highways.
The innovatively designed E340T small hydraulic telescopic screed uses a three-point suspension structure and a single-vibration compaction device, which improves construction stability and pavement forming quality.
The whole machine has the advantages of high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation, good construction quality and high operating efficiency.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Parameter item - RP403
Technical Parameters    
Basic paving width m 1.8 ~ 3.4
MAX paving width m 4.5
MAX paving thickness mm 260
MAX paving speed m/min 30
Theoretical productivity t 300
Engine power kW/rpm Dachai 75/2000
Dimensions mm 5500 × 1800 × 3629
Total Weight t 12



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