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Product selling points
Independent driving of left and right driving, microcomputer control, constant speed automatic control technology for paving speed.
Left and right feeding and distribution adopts ultrasonic sensor control technology.
The leveling system uses electronic automatic leveling technology to effectively improve the smoothness of the road surface.
Hydraulic telescopic screed adopts single vibration, pulse vibration and electric heating technology, which is environmentally friendly and improves the life of the screed floor.
The centralized lubrication system can regularly and uniformly supply oil to bearings in high temperature parts.
Advanced and mature Shangchai's new-generation four-valve SC7H water-cooled supercharged engine is equipped as standard with strong power and low fuel efficiency.
The separating blade is made of high wear-resistant alloy material.
The console can intuitively display various working functions, paving, driving speed, and can be installed left and right.
The machine has a high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation, good construction quality and high operating efficiency.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Parameter item - RP803
Technical Parameters    
Basic paving width m 3 to 5.75
MAX paving width m 8.25
MAX paving thickness mm 400
MAX paving speed m/min 20
Theoretical productivity t 700
Engine power kW/rpm Shangchai 140/2000
Dimensions mm 6800 × 3000 × 3950
Total Weight t 27



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