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Product selling points
Heavy-duty work gear. Equipped with double friction worm gear box with overload protection, high modulus wear-resistant slewing ring gear, reinforced traction frame, heat treatment of guide rail, optimization of blade arc shape, integral angle device, safe and reliable
Electronically controlled dual handles. Change the traditional multi-handle operation mode and reduce the driver's control intensity by 70%.
Efficient powertrain matching. The three-stage variable power engine is adopted, which has high reliability and fuel economy, low emissions, and meets the requirements of Euro III emission regulations. Equipped with a hydraulic transmission with a lock-up clutch, energy saving is achieved through "automatic shifting". At the same time, the gearbox can switch between "manual" and "automatic" working modes. The speed change in manual mode is achieved by manually operating the gearshift lever. In automatic mode, the gearbox will detect the engine speed and vehicle speed. And other information to achieve automatic shifting.
Load sensing hydraulic system. The system has small operating force, low hysteresis, low power loss, and much higher efficiency than conventional hydraulic systems, and achieves synchronization of multi-channel manipulation and compound actions.
Dual-circuit wet brake rear axle for mining. The Italian OMCI rear axle specially developed for very large mining graders has a built-in non-slip differential. The balance box transmission uses the industry's unique gear transmission instead of the chain transmission. The entire rear axle drive configuration is forcibly cooled to ensure efficient and reliable braking.
Temperature controlled independent cooling technology. The temperature-controlled independent cooling system realizes that the fan rises to the maximum speed when the engine speed is low; when the engine is cold-started at a low temperature, the solenoid valve on the fan drive valve group can be opened to adjust the control pressure of the plunger pump to achieve the control of the fan speed. To achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.
Pressurized cab technology. The air in the cabin can be kept clean and positive pressure, and can be continuously cleaned for 48 hours.
Fault diagnosis and GPS remote control technology. The engine and transmission are equipped with an automatic fault diagnosis function, which can be monitored in real time through the GPS platform, and saves historical records for remote control.
Vibration reduction and noise reduction technology. The use of combined damping blocks reduces the vibration of the engine vibration source to the cab, optimizes and improves the structure of the muffler to reduce noise, increases the diameter of the fan, and reduces the fan speed ratio to reduce the noise of the cooling system.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Technical Parameters    
Engine manufacturers -  
engine model - Perkins
Rated power / speed kW / rpm 2860D-E18TA
Forward speed km / h 447/2100
Backward speed km / h 4.6 / 5.9 / 8.7 / 11.7 / 17.7 / 25.1 / 32.2 / 42.7
Traction force f = 0.75 kN 4.5 / 8.7 / 17.2 / 32.6
Minimum turning radius m 400
Blade length X chord height mm 12.5
Overall dimensions mm 7300x1067
Total Weight Standard / kg 15245x4265x4570



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