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Product selling points
High-strength belt-driven milling rotor, reliable use and high work efficiency.
Four-track walking drive system with strong traction; four steering modes for flexible maneuverability.
Fully automatic power adjustment system can realize automatic distribution between milling power and driving power.
Advanced automatic milling depth control system, easy to operate and reliable to use.
Originally imported electronically controlled engine, XM200K emission meets US and European III standards, reliable operation and good fuel economy.
All hydraulic and transmission components use internationally renowned brands with advanced performance and reliable use.
The intelligent control system can realize advanced functions such as online display, fault diagnosis, fault alarm, and maintenance tips in the working mode and walking mode.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Technical Parameters    
Engine manufacturers - Cummins
Rated power / speed kw / rpm) 447/2100
Working speed m / min 0-85
Driving speed km / h 0-5
Gradeability % 80
Ground clearance mm 320
Working weight kg 34000
Milling width mm 2000
Milling depth mm 320
Number of tools Put 146
Milling wheel diameter with cutter mm 980
Machine length × width × height mm 7650X2580X3000
Belt conveyor length × width × height mm 8060 × 1150 × 1500
Fuel tank L 1400
Hydraulic tank L 400
Water tank L 3400



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