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Product selling points
Traveling system: It adopts three-wheel low-speed, full-hydraulic drive, which can solve the problem of insufficient climbing ability, slippage and reduce costs.
Suspension system: The rear wheels are independent suspension support wheels. The right rear wheel can swing back inward for easy edge milling.
Milling system: The hydraulic transmission method is adopted for smooth and powerful milling; the imported cutter head guarantees the service life of the cutter.
Milling depth control: The left and right rear legs are adjusted to allow wedge-shaped milling; a depth indicator is installed on the rear legs to display the milling depth. The device is optionally equipped with an automatic leveling system.
Steering system: full hydraulic steering, with the characteristics of light and flexible operation.
Sprinkler system: The fan-shaped water spray nozzle sprays water on the cutter head to cool the cutter while reducing the spread of dust during milling. The large-capacity water tank allows the machine to work longer without interruption. Electric water pump, high pressure spray, sprinkler is easy to remove and clean.
Braking: There are two systems of service brake and parking brake.
Lighting system: The machine is equipped with night work lights, which is convenient for night work.
Bridge and instrument panel: seat forward and backward adjustment; the operating platform is spacious; the instrument cluster instrument and each joystick are in accordance with the ergonomic design concept, comfortable operation and good vision
Hydraulic pick (optional): Quick-change joints can be used to break the road.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Technical Parameters    
Engine manufacturers - Deutz
Rated power / speed kw / rpm) 72/2200
Working speed m / min 0-40
Driving speed km / h 0-5.6
Gradeability % 50
Ground clearance mm 120
Working weight kg 5000
Milling width mm 500
Milling depth mm 120
Number of tools Put 36/48
Milling wheel diameter with cutter mm 580
Machine length × width × height mm 3170 × 1430 × 2350
Belt conveyor length × width × height mm  
Fuel tank L 95
Hydraulic tank L 100
Water tank L 200



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