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Product selling points
Power system: Advanced and mature Shangchai new generation four-valve 140-horsepower SC4H water-cooled engine with powerful power and low fuel efficiency.
Traveling system: tire-type, four-wheel full-drive, hydraulic and mechanical drive, stepless speed change, and one driving gear and three working gears. The rear wheels are independent suspended support wheels. The right rear wheel can swing back inward for easy edge milling.
Steering system: Fully hydraulic front axle steering with steering angle indication function; small steering radius and milling operation along the algae cover.
Milling system: The hydraulic and mechanical transmission methods are used for reliable and powerful milling; imported cutter heads ensure the service life of the cutters; and the rotor has a slow rotation function to facilitate tool change.
Milling depth control: The left and right rear legs can be adjusted up and down to allow wedge-shaped milling. There are two levels of depth control functions: a depth indicator is installed on the rear legs to display the milling depth. The device is optionally equipped with an automatic leveling system.
Conveying system: It has a fully enclosed conveying belt with a maximum discharge height of 3.8 meters, a swinging ability of about 30 degrees and a function of adjusting the discharge height.
Ceiling: The hydraulic oil cylinder lifts the ceiling, and the height is electrically controlled for easier transportation.
Sprinkler system: The fan-shaped water spray nozzle sprays water on the cutter head to cool the cutter while reducing the spread of dust during milling. The large-capacity water tank allows the machine to work longer without interruption. Electric water pump, sprinkler is easy to remove and clean.
Driver's console and instrument panel: seat forward and backward adjustment; spacious control platform; instrument panel instruments and various control handles conform to the ergonomic design concept, comfortable operation and good vision.
Lighting system: The machine is equipped with night work lights, which is convenient for night work.
Hydraulic pick (optional): Quick-change joints can be used to break the road.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Technical Parameters    
Engine manufacturers - Shangchai
Rated power / speed kw / rpm) 103/2200
Working speed m / min 0-30.7
Driving speed km / h 0-7.5
Gradeability % 60
Ground clearance mm 210
Working weight kg 7950
Milling width mm 500
Milling depth mm 210
Number of tools Put 60
Milling wheel diameter with cutter mm 750
Machine length × width × height mm 3676X1888X2530
Belt conveyor length × width × height mm 6000X860X860
Fuel tank L 180
Hydraulic tank L 80
Water tank L 330



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