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Product selling points
It adopts three-wheel full drive, hydraulic and mechanical driving milling drum, and optional waste recycling device. It has the advantages of simple operation, flexible operation, strong driving ability, high construction efficiency, multi-function, low price and good quality.
It has two systems of service brake and parking brake.
The milling depth control is adjusted by lifting the left and right rear legs, allowing wedge milling with different adjustment positions of the left and right legs; a depth indicator is installed on the rear legs to display the milling depth. The device is optionally equipped with an automatic leveling system.
The rear wheels are independent suspended support wheels. The right rear wheel can swing back inward for easy edge milling.
The traveling system is tire-type, three-wheel full-drive, adopts hydraulic and mechanical driving methods, can perform stepless speed change, and has high and low gears to meet the requirements of rapid transfer and milling operations.
The milling system adopts hydraulic and mechanical transmission methods, and the milling is efficient and powerful; the imported cutter head guarantees the service life of the cutter. And can realize edge milling, milling along the manhole cover.
Full hydraulic steering with light and flexible handling.
The position of the driver's seat can be adjusted forwards and backwards; the operating platform is spacious and the driver can walk freely; the electrical system is equipped with controllers and displays, instrument cluster instruments and various joysticks in accordance with the ergonomic design concept, comfortable operation and good vision
Hydraulic pick (optional): Quick-change joints can be used to break the road.
Maintainability: The optimized structure design of the vehicle makes it easier to maintain.
Rumble wheel (optional): The two rear wheels are replaced with special rumble wheels, which can be used for roadside vocal cord milling.
Conveying system (optional): Short hydraulic motor drives waste recycling system, greatly improving construction efficiency.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Technical Parameters    
Engine manufacturers - Shangchai
Rated power / speed kw / rpm) 92/2200
Working speed m / min 0-40
Driving speed km / h 0-6
Gradeability % 50
Ground clearance mm 180
Working weight kg 7800/7300
Milling width mm 500
Milling depth mm 180
Number of tools Put 54
Milling wheel diameter with cutter mm 660
Machine length × width × height mm 3785 × 1765 × 3346
Belt conveyor length × width × height mm 2000X800X600
Fuel tank L 140
Hydraulic tank L 120
Water tank L 300



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