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Product selling points
Powerful, using 179kW high-horsepower country II emission standard engine with sufficient power reserve to ensure that the rig can complete pipe laying operations under various complex geological conditions;
The rack and pinion pushes and pulls to ensure the stability of the power head and the reliability of the transmission;
Power head and vice double floating patented technology can protect the drill pipe thread and increase the service life of the drill pipe;
The optimized design of the hydraulic system realizes two-speed control of power head rotation and push-pull, which increases the adaptability of the rig's working conditions and improves the construction efficiency of the rig;
Supports diversified customer needs. The machine can be equipped with automatic (semi-automatic) drill pipe loading and unloading devices, automatic anchoring devices, cabs, heating and cooling air conditioning, cold start, mud antifreeze, mud cleaning, mud throttling and other devices.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
model - Cummins6CTAA8.3-C240
rated power kW/r/min 179/2200
Push and pull    
Push-pull force kN 400
Maximum push-pull speed m/min 21
Torque N·m 14000
Speed r/min 104
Mud pump    
Maximum flow L/min 450
greatest pressure MPa 8
Drill pipe mm×m φ83×3
Truck mounted crane    
Lifting weight t
Lifting torque t•m
Maximum penetration angle ° 23
Maximum retraction diameter mm φ900
quality t 11.5
Dimensions mm 7080×2450×2450
Note - Optional: 1. Semi-automatic gripper; 2. Single anchoring; 3. Double anchoring; 4. Slurry antifreeze; 5. Slurry cleaning.



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