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Product selling points
Adopt advanced control technologies such as closed energy-saving circuit, load sensitivity, electro-hydraulic ratio, energy saving, consumption reduction, flexible and comfortable operation;
The rack and pinion pushes and pulls, the transmission is stable and reliable, and the power head spindle floats to increase the service life of the drill pipe thread;
Equipped with a cab, heating and cooling air-conditioning as standard, various instrument layouts and operating systems meet the requirements of ergonomics, and the operation is flexible, comfortable and convenient;
Cummins high-power engine system, with strong power and sufficient power reserve, can meet the construction of the rig under different working conditions;
Wire-controlled walking system to ensure walking safety.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
model - Cummins 6BT5.9-C130
rated power kW/r/min 97/2200
Push and pull    
Push-pull force kN 180
Maximum push-pull speed m/min 23
Torque N·m 6000
Speed r/min 150
Mud pump    
Maximum flow L/min 250
greatest pressure MPa 8
Drill pipe mm×m φ60×3
Truck mounted crane    
Lifting weight t
Lifting torque t•m
Maximum penetration angle ° 22
Maximum retraction diameter mm φ600
quality t 8.5
Dimensions mm 6500×2270×2340
Note - Optional: 1. Antifreeze mud; 2. Mud cleaning.



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