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Product selling points
Adopts off-road wheeled chassis, which can be transported with drill pipe, which improves the convenience and economy of equipment transportation;
Cummins electronically controlled turbocharged engine with strong power and emission meeting Euro I emission standards;
The patented (authorization bulletin numbers: CN202023501 U, CN202227992 U, CN203728469 U) parallelogram luffing mechanism realizes a wide range of working areas. The drilling mast is designed as a box structure of high-strength plate. Effectively guarantee drilling accuracy;
A-type outriggers are easy to operate, strong torsion resistance and wide adaptability;
The hydraulic system adopts load-sensitive control to make the system energy-saving;
On-board slewing double-level protection system to effectively ensure the safety of the rig construction;
Centralized lubrication system as standard, convenient maintenance.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Engine parameters    
model - QSB4.5-C155
Rated power (kW) - 116
Power head parameters    
Output torque (kN﹒m) - 100
Speed (r / min) - 9-40
Working parameter    
Maximum drilling diameter (mm) - 100
Drilling depth (m) - 9-40
Pressure cylinder parameters    
Maximum pressure (kN) - 100
Lifting force (kN) - 9-40
Maximum travel (m) - 100
Pressure hoisting parameters    
Maximum pressure (kN) - 100
Lifting force (kN) - 9-40
Stroke (m) - 100
Main winch parameters    
Lifting force (kN) - 100
Hoisting speed (m / min) - 9-40
Para winch parameters    
Lifting force (kN) - 60
Hoisting speed (m / min) - 54
Chassis parameters    
Walking speed (km / h) - 80
Maximum grade(%) - 30
Minimum departure clearance (mm) - 340
Track shoe width (mm) - \
Maximum total track width (mm) - \
System parameters    
Drill mast inclination Lateral / Forward / Backward (°) - ±5/5/15
Working pressure (MPa) - 35
Overall weight (t) - 33
Dimension parameters    
Working state (mm) - 9900×4600×14640
Transportation status (mm) - 10740×2500×4380
Note - Parameters with "*" are the corresponding technical parameters for hoisting pressure configuration



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