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Product selling points
The hydraulic telescopic crawler chassis used for rotary drilling rigs is used to meet the super stability and convenience of transportation;
Cummins engine is adopted, with strong power, sufficient power reserve to meet plateau construction, and noise and emissions meet Euro III standards;
It adopts large triangle luffing structure with super stability;
Large cross section of the drilling mast, reducing the shaking of the drilling mast during construction, and improving construction quality;
A drill pipe bracket has been installed to reduce the amount of shake of the drill pipe during construction to ensure the verticality of the drilling;
The hydraulic system uses load sensing technology to make the hydraulic system highly efficient;
can be equipped with a variety of drilling tools to achieve both wet and dry drilling operations, suitable for a variety of foundation bored pile drilling projects. The drill rod adopts machine-locked or friction-type telescopic structure, which transmits torque to the drilling tool through tooth inlay or friction plate, which has large transmission torque and high efficiency
The main hoisting wire rope is wound in a single layer, which is easy to operate and greatly improves the service life of the wire rope. And a drilling depth detection device is provided on the main hoist, and a single layer of rope makes the depth detection accurate and convenient for maintenance;
Optional hoisting pressure, with a stroke of 16 meters, the hoisting pressure can reach 50 tons;
The power head adopts the company's imported reducer and motor, which has large drilling torque and high work efficiency;
An infrared camera for observing the main coil is installed, and the use of the main coil wire rope can be observed day and night in the cab;
Centralized lubrication system is equipped as standard, convenient maintenance.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Engine parameters    
model - QSX15-C600
Rated power (kW) - 447
Power head parameters    
Output torque (kN﹒m) - 460
Speed (r / min) - 5.5-20
Working parameter    
Maximum drilling diameter (mm) - φ3000/φ2800*
Drilling depth (m) - 120
Pressure cylinder parameters    
Maximum pressure (kN) - 300
Lifting force (kN) - 400
Maximum travel (m) - 6
Pressure hoisting parameters    
Maximum pressure (kN) - /
Lifting force (kN) - /
Stroke (m) - /
Main winch parameters    
Lifting force (kN) - 400
Hoisting speed (m / min) - 60
Para winch parameters    
Lifting force (kN) - 100
Hoisting speed (m / min) - 65
Chassis parameters    
Walking speed (km / h) - 1.2
Maximum grade(%) - 35
Minimum departure clearance (mm) - 445
Track shoe width (mm) - 800
Maximum total track width (mm) - 3500-4900
System parameters    
Drill mast inclination Lateral / Forward / Backward (°) - ±4/5/15
Working pressure (MPa) - 33
Overall weight (t) - 114
Dimension parameters    
Working state (mm) - 10750×5500×31060
Transportation status (mm) - 18040×4050×3615
Note - Parameters with "*" are the corresponding technical parameters for hoisting pressure configuration



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